Welcome to the "Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest Page" I hope you enjoy this page I have spent a lot of time working on it and I still don't have everything I want on it. I hope you enjoy and if you want to see something on this page that I don't have just contact me at the Contact Page and tell me. I try to reply to everyone that e-mails me. The "Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest Page" has been on the internet since 7/17/98. I made this page in memory of one of the greatest rappers, poets, and actors. This man some say was a young Malcolm X he was a role model and he will be dearly missed. 2Pac lived fast and died young. He lived like a thug and was always surrounded by controversy. His name will go down in history as one of the most talented individuals of all time. Tupac will continue to be hated by few and loved by millions.

"I see death around the corner, gotta stay high while I survive In the city where the skinny niggas die If they bury me, bury me as a G nigga, no need to worry I expect retaliation in a hurry I see death around the corner, anyday Trying to keep it together, no one lives forever anyway Strugglin and strivin, my destiny's to die Keep my finger on the trigger, no mercy in my eyes In a ball of confusion, I think about my daddy Madder than a motherfucker, they never shoulda had me I guess I seen too many murders, the doctors can't help me Got me stressin' with my pistol in my sheets, it ain't healthy Am I paranoid Tell me the truth I'm out the window with my AK, ready to shoot Ran out of indo and my mind can't take the stress, I'm out of breath Make me wanna kill my damn self, but I see death around the corner"


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Make sure you go see the Tupac "Resurrection" movie on November 14th and check out the specials they will have on MTV till then. For more information go to the Official Site.

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Well it's been seven years 2Pac fans. Well were still missing him and I'm glad the site is still going good . I hope you enjoy everything to this site their is plenty so take your time were trying our hardest to keep it updated through the help of you. So when you have news Contact Us. Keep 2Pac alive!!! Peace. 

Look for 2Pac's Mother on the cover of XXL Magazine and make sure that you peep the whole magazine. It is packed with The Outlawz, movie info about the Tupac and Biggie movie staring Sylvester Stallone and more.  

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Vital Stats Of The Late Great Tupac (2Pac) Amaru Shakur aka Makaveli

Tupac Performing SNL

Alias: Lesane Parish Crooks
June 16, 1971, Brooklyn, NY,
Sept. 13, 1996, Las Vegas, NV
Rap star, actor
Love Interests:

Ex Wife: Keisha Morris
Engaged to Kidada Jones when he died.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 165

Claims to Fame:
"All Eyes on Me" debuted at No. 1 on Billboard charts
Seven films, including "Juice," "Poetic Justice," "Above the Rim"
Served eight months for sexually abusing female acquaintance
Gunned down in Las Vegas drive-by shooting after attending Mike Tyson fight

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