Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

It's already been 7 years but I'm going to let this theory stay up because of the popularity. Thanks to everyone who contributed to this page. 

A lot of this theory is just coincidence and I try to get rid of the ones that are far out.

Some people think Tupac is coming back 7 years after his death which was in 1996. Some people also thing that he might even come 7 years after The "The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" album which was released 9 months after his death in which he went by the name Makaveli, which is really weird because like he talks about reincarnation all the time in a lot of his songs and the album was released the same amount of months it takes a baby to be born.  It is weird how the 7 keeps coming up in his new albums, movies and videos. Maybe some of this stuff is just by coincidence or just weird hey I will never know. 

Tupac's new movie Tupac "Resurrection" comes out on November 14th. 7+7=14.

Makaveli The Don - The 7 Day Theory Album CoverHe was shot on September 7th. He survived 7 days. (7th, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 12th and 'died on the 13th....7). 

His time of death was 4:03 (4+0+3=7). 

His age when he died 25 even adds up too 7 (2+5=7). 

Tupac's car was shot at 12 times. He was hit 4 times and Suge got grazed by 1. If you take 12-5 it equals 7 bullets that didn't hit no one. 

Tupac was born in 1971. Tragically he died in 1996.
1971=[1+9+7+1]=18 1996=[1+9+9+6]=25
18+{7}=25 or 25-18={7}

On "All Eyez On Me" there was some 7's that showed up. It was released on February 13th, 1996. Tupac was gunned down exactly 7 months after "All Eyez on Me" was released.

 Also In the song "Heartz of Men" on the album "All Eyez On Me" at the time 3:13 (3+1+3=7) Tupac says " I died and came back". 

Also On the last page of the " All Eyez On Me " booklet it says 2Pac fan club
P.O. Box 2694
Decatur Georgia 30031
(3+0+0+3+1= 7)

2Pac was in 7 movies.

Tupac did the "Don Killuminatti" in 7 days, from start to finish.

There were even 7's in the movies that came out after his death have.

  In Tupac's last movie ''Gang Related'' his badge number is 115(1+1+5=7) In the movie if you listen to the movie at one part, It says something like," ...who was thought to be dead for 7 years..." referring to the doctor who they thought was dead but actually became a bum.

 At the beginning of the movie when the camera pans down to the motel if you look at the door of the room that Tupac is in it is number seven. 

His gambling debt was one week late. 

The third suspect Tupac interviews robbed a Jewelry store on Seventh and Front.

 In the movie, "Gridlock'd," when Tupac and Roth are in the diner and they glance up at the menu, all the L's are upside down 7's.

A album released after his death "R U Still Down, Remember me" was released on the 25th (2+5=7).

 At the end of the song "Hold on be Strong" "R U Still Down Remember me" he says "Things get tough especially around the 1st and the 15th" (1+1+5=7).

In the Toss It Up video Tupac smashes a mirror with a baseball bat and that would result in 7 years bad luck. Well I'm pretty sure it does. 

Makaveli Logo

Tupac has been having a lot of guest appearances on singers albums after his death. On Jon B's CD "Cool Relax" the song "Are You Still Down" featuring 2Pac is track 7. 

Tupac is also on track 7 on Daz's "Retaliation" album. 

On the Richie Rich's CD the track with 2Pac is track 9 but minus the two skits it is the 7th song and remember he talks about being shot and murdered. Probably talking about the N.Y. shooting though.

In the "I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto" video. When there in the diner the clock says 4:03. 4+3=7. This also is his time of death.

 Also in the video clip "I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto". It shows Tupac lying in a hospital bed it also shows him getting out and walking around. When that old man waves Tupac to get into the car, shortly after the radio says something about Tupac's death and the old man quickly turns the radio off before you could hear the rest. Also the car's number plate is 61671 if you take 67-61=6, 6+1=7. And another thing the place this was filmed in is called Rukahs and this is Shakur spelt backwards. Some say Rukahs is a small town in Africa. I do not know if the Rukahs part is confirmed I will have to look in to it myself. 

Also In the "I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto" video a woman walks in to a hotel and the room number is 7.

On the song, "White Man's World," if you listen very closely at the beginning, there is a voice in the background saying, " 7 years, 7 years, 7 years... Not confirmed.

There were seven, "Outlaw Immortalz," until Kadafi was killed. Not Confirmed.

In the song "White Mans World" Tupac says "all for the street fame on how to be managed to plan shit six month in advance to go on swol" maybe he planed his death six month's in advance and faked his death on the 7th month.

On Bomb First there is 6 shots then on the 7th Tupac starts to rap. Not Confirmed. 

On the "2Pacs Greatest Hits Album", the first disk has 12 songs, the second disk 13, 1+2+1+3=7, also 12+13=25 (Tupac's age when he died.), 2+5=7.

On the album "The Art Of War" (which is also a Machavelli book) by Bone Thugs~N~Harmony, on the 2nd disk track 4, entitled " 7 sign" in the beginning of Bizzy's verse he says "throwin up 7 what am I yellin? murder fraud" he is definitely referring to the 7 day theory and Pac. Not Confirmed.

  Thug Luv the song that features 2Pac off Bone's album "Art Of War" (T+H+U+G+L+U+V=7).

On the Death-Row chains the guy in the chair is wearing a number on his left side of his chest and the numbers are 935 now if you do some adding and subtracting you would get 9+3-5=7. Not Confirmed. 

On "Heartz Of Men" on the All Eyez On Me Album at the beginning Tupac says "911 is an emergency"... (9-1-1=7)

On Bomb First on the 7 day theory album after the guy is done talking there are exactly 6 shots and on the 7th Tupac starts rapping.

On the song Blasphemy on the 7 day theory album after the the guy says something like if the lord does not return in the next 7 days, then after that Tupac or some else very quietly says 7 years or that's what it sounds like. Not Confirmed.

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