What Do I Think Dead or Alive?
Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

I had to write this because people kept asking me about what I thought about Tupac dead or alive! 

Is Tupac alive sometimes I wonder if he is? Some people say he is hiding and coming back in the year 2003 but if I faked my death I don't think I would ever come back. Can a man fake his death and fool the whole world. It seems hard to fake your death and go into hiding. You will need food and a lot of money to pull a scheme like this. I don't think Tupac is alive because there isn't enough info saying he is. There is a lot of weird stuff about his death. Sometimes I wonder but in our minds it's also hard to hear about a man so talented so young had to go. I still wish Tupac was Alive and Well Rapping and Rhyming as hard as ever. I guess it's hard to believe for most of us so we believe that he is just gone in to hiding. There is a lot of stuff on the net that is just rumors you can't believe everything you read. I try to keep the info on my pages rumor free meaning that I just put facts that I know are real. Well keep the faith and always remember him.

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