Blac Haze
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If you don't know who Blac Haze is he is a rapper that sounds like Tupac. The name of Blac Haze's album is Res-Sa-Rec-Shun. He sounds alot like Tupac but he raps about different stuff. He don't look like Tupac as you see in the picture above. Blac Haze has a couple of songs with Lord Tariq and Peter Gunz. I have the Blac Haze album it's alright but it isn't as good as any of Tupac's albums. On his album on track #16 which is a skit called "Miami Jams" Blac Haze is getting interviewed by this guy and the guy says that some people say you sound a little like Tupac then he asks Blac Haze what he has to say about that and he says "Well you know that's to share the pain you know amongst a lot of people you know but deep inside I know I could never walk in that mans shoes you know that mans a legend the things he did the landmarks he reached I don't think any rapper would you know would be able to reach them landmarks the guys just a legend." Download the Blac Haze Song I'mma Die Husla, must have Real Player.

Res-Sa-Rec-Shun The Album

1) Intro
2) Do U Wanna Ride
3) "Telephone"(skit)
4) Playa Fa Life
5) I Give A Shout
6) Stress'n Me Out
7) "Paper Chase" (skit)
8) Paper Chase
9) I Remember Mom
10) E.K.G. Represents
11) Lab Anthem
12) Where-U-At
13) "Blac On Black" (skit)
14) Fanatize
15) Get On Down
16) "Miami Jams" (skit)
17) I'mma Die Husla
18) Let Me Holla At Cha (remix)
19) Like What

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So Much Drama
Where U At
Get Dat Money

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