Why The Autopsy Picture is fake
Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

If you would like to see this Autopsy picture go to CathyScott.com. All material in red writing is something Cathy Scott told me she is the author of "The Killing Of Tupac Shakur". All material in yellow writing is something that I got from people that disagree that it is fake.

The Tattoos are hard to see.

The picture is in Black and White. The original is in color. There are some websites that have a picture of it in color but they added the color themselves.

It's not a quality picture. The original might be in good quality.

His head is turned away and you can't really tell if it's him.

Some people say there was no autopsy.

It's illegal not to have a autopsy.

Is it possible that right after Tupac died they gave him a autopsy then the next day they cremated him. Autopsies in Las Vegas are done either the same day or the day after the death. There aren't that many murders here. Each city and county are different.

They could put a fake picture out and fool everybody and try to stop the alive rumors.

They said that the picture was stolen from the Coroner's Office. How do you manage to steal a picture from the Coroner's Office. The picture was not stolen it was leaked to Cathy Scott from a source.

There is no blood coming from the back of his head nor any on the table. Maybe because all the blood sinks to the bottom of his body. The reason no blood is coming out of the wounds is because it was drained during the autopsy. And the "white" you see at his shoulders is (where lymph nodes and glands were removed from), in fact, a yellowish color, and it's body fat. The incision on his right is where his right lung was removed during surgery a few days earlier. There was an incision from his sternum down to his naval and his organs were removed. Look closely and you can see that.

There is no Makaveli tattoo on his neck but I think it's on the wrong side but I am not sure.

Most autopsies don't get done until days, possibly weeks after death. Why was this different for Tupac. Maybe because they new the source of his death. They do autopsies usually before the funeral within one to two days not WEEKS it would smell and the body would decompose.

The picture could have easily been created through simple Hollywood movie tricks. They could of hired a make-up artist to draw fake tattoos.

I talked to a person that does autopsies she told me that they make a straight cut up the center of the chest, and well if it is a real autopsy then somebody can't cut straight. They made side incisions in the photo to get to organs on that part of the body as well every coroner does their incisions different.

When an autopsy is done on a person they remove all internal organs this mean that he'd be hollowed out and u could see all the way through his insides. They remove organs not bones so you would not see all the way through.

As for the "chain around his neck," It's not a chain. It's a metal brace that's holding his body to the gurney. It's used by medical examiners on ALL bodies during autopsies.

The Necklace he was wearing when he got shot was a "Euphanasia" necklace from his own company. Read "Got Your Back" by Frank Alexander. It's in his book. He was with Tupac the night he was killed. All of Tupac's personal affects were given to his mother so he was, of course, not wearing any kind of a necklace during the autopsy. Again, that is a metal brace at his neck. It's a solid piece of stainless steel holding his neck to the gurney.

Also take a look at this picture taken form the video "California Love"...this could be where they got the picture to make the autopsy....compare the 2 pictures.

I don't know if that could be it...the angle may be wrong but I think that any good software can change angles and shit.



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