God Bless The Dead
Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

"God Bless The Dead" is a song that was released on the Greatest Hits album when this song came out it had the whole world thinking that Tupac was alive. On the song Tupac says "Rest in peace to my muthafucka Biggie Smalls That's right boy, it's goin on Right here, Thug Life God bless the dead". It caused so much controversy because if Tupac said this he would of known that Biggie was dead.

Was There Another Biggie Smalls

There was another Biggie Smalls and that Biggie Smalls was a friend with Stretch and Tupac. Stretch is the other guy on the song "God Bless The Dead" him and 2Pac were once close friends till the NY shooting happened and Tupac blamed him that he got shot. Stretch was shot and killed execution-style in Queens on November 30th,1995. The song had to be before November 30th, 1994 because that was when Tupac was cool with Bad Boy. The Bad Boy Tupac beef didn't start till October 1995. The song must be talking about another Biggie Smalls. There is a lot more Biggie Smalls than you think there is a white rapper I heard of named Biggie Smalls. The guy that Stretch and Pac are talking about is related to Stretch.

Was Stretch Even on The Song

It could have been made after Stretch died cause there was 2 people in the group Live Squad. Stretch and the other guy from Live Squad both sound the same. Listen to the album "Strictly 4 My Niggaz", the last track, you will hear them both.

Tupac Was Talking About Notorious B.I.G

Someone e-mailed me and said "they were watching MTV and noticed how they kept mentioning Biggie (Notorious BIG). They noticed that MTV talked about Jay-Z and Biggie together and how they represented the Hollis Crew But anyways in God Bless the Dead the song is dedicated to A Biggie Smalls, and Stretch says Hollis Crew when he's talking about the Biggie in this song. Don't you think it is kind of Ironic that there would be two Biggies associated with the same crew and no one ever heard of the other one in the Hollis Crew." Not Confirmed.

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