Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

"Why isn't it hip-hop when I do it? Everybody else can have beef within the music, talk about differences and it's ok. It's music, it's hip-hop, it's ground breaking. When I do it, it's war."

"We got to kill niggeritis. Niggas hate me just cuz of what I'm doin'. Niggas plotting on you 'cause of women, and niggas hatin' to see you shine. We got to kill that. Before we can kill it in our black nation, we got to kill it in our Hip Hop nation, and that's what I'm doin!"

"It's going to happen. All the niggas who change the world die in violence. They don't get to die like regular ways. Motherfuckers come take their lives..."

"I truly believe I've been blessed by God, and God walks with me. "

"The history of Hip Hop is built on battles. But it used to be that when heads had a problem, they could pull a mike and settle it, using hollow-point rhymes to rub competitors off the map--Well things done changed!"

"Suge is the boss of Death Row, the don, you understand? But I'm the under boss, the capo. That's my job to what's best for Death Row. "

"I never thought I was the best rapper - the best nothin'. I think I'm the realist nigga out there."

"People might be, like, "This niggas concieted," but fuck it. I feel like I shine. And I don't give a fuck how many white people, the Media, black people, playa haters, police, whoever, try to darken my shine, Im'a always shine through. "

"All I can say is I always try to be a real nigga in my heart. Sometimes its good, sometimes it's bad; but its still us. Its never to hurt anybody."

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