Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

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Bad Boy Records

If you want to Know how this beef started read my Tupac vs. Biggie Page.

LL Cool J

Tupac always respected LL. In fact he praised him in the album “Me Against The World” on the song called “Old School”. I think the beef started when LL released a B-side song that was sort of like the Notorious B.I.G.’s “Who Shot Ya?” that wuz called “I Shot Ya” aimed at Tupac where he gives props to Mobb Deep for dissin Pac. Tupac dissed LL in a unreleased song called “Little Homies”.


This beef reportedly started when Nas stole Tupac style. He even says he was shot 5 times. In against all odds you can hear 2pac say that Nas stole his style, his beats, and just the way he acts. Since Nas is associated with Badboy and Dre that might have had a role in their beef.

Dr. Dre

I think the beef started because Dre wasn't down enough for Death Row. Snoop was on trial for murder, someone had said Dre was in the car and the jury believed it. All Dre had to do was go to court with proof (which he had) and Snoop's case would have been dropped but Dre didn't show up and his only excuse was he was too busy. Plus I think Dre was mad because California Love went on Tupac's album insted of going on Dre's. Dre knew that California Love was a big hit. Also In the Thug Immortal video, in a Suge Knight interview, he basically says that Dre was gay and didn’t want him to be a part of Deathrow because Dre had a lover working for him. Tupac also says that Dre’s gay on several songs. In “To Live and Die in L.A.” Pac says “California Love Part II without gayass Dre”. “In Toss It Up” 2pac says “check your sexuality, as fruity as this alize quick to jump ship, punk trick, what a dumb move cross DEATH ROW, now who you gonna run to like those other suckers cuz you similiar pretendin to be hard-oh my god-check your temperature screamin compton, but you can't return, you ain't heard brothas pissed cuz you switched and escaped to the burbs”. And in “Against All Odds” Pac says “We shook dre punk ass Now we out of the closet

Mobb Deep

I think this beef started when Mobb Deep disrespected the West coast and when 2Pac was in jail they had a song where they said "thug life, we still livin' it" which 2Pac took as a dis' because in a Vibe interview Tupac said he was going to give up the whole Thug Life stuff. They also said, at the end of "Survival Of The Fittest" "hypnotic thuglife, get that ass paralyzed".

When Tupac released Hit Em' Up Mobb Deep then said this stuff about 2Pac in the song "Drop A Gem On Em" got rocked got raped on the Island, you officially got kick that thug shit, Vibe magazine on some love shit (keep it real kid, you don't know who you fuckin wit)

wit gats plus the walls on they backs Rikers Island flashback of the house you got scuffed it in you would think you gettin your head shot was enough but then Now you wanna got at my team, you must of been drunk when you wrote that shit too bad you had to did it to your own self my

Who Shot Ya? You'd probably scream louder than an opera New York gotcha, now you wanna use my mob as a crutch what makes you think you cant get bucked again

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