Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

Suge And 2Pac

Suge Knight, (Executive Producer of Death Row Records), never appeared for questioning after Tupac was shot but I heard form a person that works at Death Row that he did appear in court. Not Confirmed.

 Some say in the first three seconds of, "The 7 Day Theory", you can hear someone say, "Suge Shot Me" but I think it says "Shoulda Shot Him" referring to the NY shooting. 

 Some say Tupac was about to leave Death Row Records. His album entitled "Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" was the last album he had to do for Death Row Records. He was now going to work on his new record company called "Makaveli Records." Makaveli Records is the new record company Tupac planned on doing with "Tha Outlaw Immortalz." (In 1995, Suge Knight bailed Tupac out of jail with the contract of Tupac doing a double album and single album for Death Row Records. His contract was done and that's why he was suddenly leaving Death Row Records.) With Tupac gone, Death Row Records to make any money off Tupac. So, if they killed Tupac; Everything related to him would get them a whole lot of cash. And, they would now have all of his unreleased songs which they would release under their label on soundtracks, compilation albums and possibly even new 2Pac albums. Plus, it gets rid of the competition they'd receive from Makaveli Records. Not Confirmed.

 Death Row Records was very uncooperative with the police after Tupac's death. They hardly told the police anything. Not Confirmed.

ABC interviewed Suge Knight after the shooting of 2Pac. He was asked, "If you knew who killed Tupac, would you tell the police?" Suge then replied "Absolutely Not."

 If you know about "Makaveli Records," you know about The Outlaw Immortalz. They are the rappers who would be working with 2Pac on "Makaveli Records." Anyway, one of the members who went by the name "Kadafi" was reportedly cooperating with the police. Well, soon after the death of Tupac he turns up dead.

Have you noticed how Death Row Records now goes by the name "New & Untouchable." This name started being used when the Makaveli album came out. Death Row Records could have also done a lot of this stuff you're about that's proving Tupac is Alive. They could of been doing this stuff for publicity.

 What about what Suge Knight did after Tupac was shot? Well, as you know Tupac was shot 5 times and Suge's head was grazed by a bullet. I've heard Tupac said to Suge, "Don't worry about me. You're shot in the head." Anyway, as Tupac lost 22 ounces of blood Suge drove Tupac to the hospital as fast as he could... When at the hospital Suge said he had a long conversation with Tupac. But how? Would you be talking after being shot 5 times and heavily bleeding...? Not Confirmed.

Would Tupac spend thousands & thousands of dollars in faking his death to get all the eyes off him? Also, would Suge Knight actually kill Tupac for money? Take the life of his "friend" for money?

Why Suge didn't shoot Tupac

Tupac and Suge were very close and one time before Tupac was ever with Death Row Suge paid Tupac a lot of money for a song to put on "Murder Was The Case Soundtrack" and he didn't even put it on the soundtrack he just knew that Pac was going through some troubles and he needed to help him out.

Some people say that the song on the Gridlock'ed Soundtrack "Never Had A Friend Like Me" was written for Suge and they would always sing the song to each other. Not Confirmed.

In a interview somebody asked Pac where do u see yourself in a couple years he says With Deathrow Making Records.

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