Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

Tattoos on his arm

Tattoo's On Tupac's Arms

On his left shoulder there is a Big Panther head

On his left upper arm there is a picture Jesus' head on a burning cross. On the left of the Cross the words "Only God can judge me".

On his left inner arm the word's "Trust Nobody".

On his left forearm their is the word "Outlaw" and under that you can see a "Crown"

On his right shoulder is the word "Westside"

On his right upper arm their is a Skull and crossbones. On top is the word "heartless". Under the skull and crossbones written in small print it says "My only fear of death is coming back reincarnated"

On his right forearm the word "Notorious" is written in old English lettering

On the back of his arm the word "MOB"

Tattoos on his Chest

Tattoo's On Tupac's Chest

On the top left of his chest it says his name "2pac"

On the top right of his chest it has a picture of Queen Neferetete (Egyptian Queen) with "2.DIE.4" on the bottom.

In the middle of his chest there's A machine gun and the words "50 Niggaz" above the machine gun.

On his stomach theirs the word's "Thug Life" but the I in Life is a bullet.

Tattoos on his neck

Tattoo's On Tupac's Neck

As seen Above On the Right Side is "Makaveli"

On his Back Side their is a (Makaveli type) Crown and then under that is "Playaz". Under "Playaz" are the words
"Fuck the World".
Tattoo's On Tupac's Neck

Tattoos on his Back

On his back is a big Gothic cross inside the cross is a scripture from the bible that says "Exodus 18:11"

Tattoo's On Tupac's Back

On each side of the cross is clown masks the one on the right is crying and it says "cry later" the one on the left is smiling and says "smile now"

Under the Gothic cross written very big is the word "Ballin".

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