Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

The Tupac and Biggie feud all started November,30th 1994 when Tupac went to the Quad Recording Studio in Manhattan to record with another rapper for his third solo Me Against The World in the Studio lobby Tupac was shot several times including 2 graze wounds to the head. Tupac was also robbed of $40,000 worth in jewelry. Tupac's lawyer's said the attack appeared to be a setup. On February 14th, 1995 Tupac is sentenced to up to four and a half years in prison. Tupac immediately begins serving time in New York Rikers Island. In a April 1995 issue of VIBE Magazine, Vibe interviews 2Pac from his jail cell. In the interview 2Pac implicates Biggie Smalls, Puffy Combs, Andre Harrell, his close friend strech and others in the recording studio ambush. Biggie, Puffy and Harrell tell VIBE they had no connection with the 2Pac studio ambush. Suge Knight (Death Row CEO) posts 1,4 million bond to release 2Pac.2pac then flies to LA and signs with Death Row. On November, 30th 1995 one year after 2Pac was shot his once close friend Randy "STRETCH" Walker is murdered execution-style in Queens. In a February 1996 Issue of VIBE 2Pac Says he's been sleeping with Biggie's wife Faith Evans. Faith says the story's are not true. On March 29th, 1996 at the Soul Train Music Awards Death Row and Bad Boy employees exchange words and a gun is pulled. In May 1996 Tupac and Snoop release "2 Of Americaz Most wanted" in the intro of the video Biggie and Puffy are punished for setting up Tupac. The video only ran for a few weeks then is replaced by the current video. On June 4th, 1996 Death Row releases "HIT 'EM UP" on the "How Do You Want it" single. "HIT 'EM UP" disses Biggie, Bad Boy, Mobb Deep and others and 2pac tells Biggie "I f*cked your wife". On September 13, 1996 Tupac dies of gun wounds of a ambush in Las Vegas a year later Christopher Wallace aka The Notorious B.I.G dies of gun wounds.

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