Who Killed Tupac
Tupac Was And Still Is The Realest

The Fedaralies

On the song "Picture Me Rollin" on the "All Eyez On Me" album Tupac says: "Don't want to be another number. I got a fuckin' gang of weed to keep from goin under. The fedaralies wanna see me dead. Niggas put prices on my head. Now I got 2 rottwillers by me bed".

The Code

I don't know anything about this group The Code I had looked up Tupac on this computer at school and got this theory. It says that it was a group co-founded by Tupac. It also says that the record company killed both Tupac and Biggie.

Black Mafia

The story is that Tupac was shot in New York because of some dealings with some shady people in New York known as the "Black Mafia." These people, it is rumored, financed Bad Boy records. Tupac met some of these people in New York, including the mysterious Trevor who later admitted to some undercover cops that he had been involved in the shooting and it was because Tupac "needed to be disciplined." That is a straight quote which has come from more than one source. It is said that these "Black Mafia" characters demanded that Tupac sign on to Bad Boy records since Bad Boy still really wasn't on the scene and needed an artist like Tupac but Tupac refused the demands. Tupac was supposed to die that night. This was punishment for saying no. If you remember Tupac, in his first interview after being shot, said in Vibe that people were trying to kill him. These were those people. That is another reason why Tupac went to Death Row, because Suge could provide the protection he needed. Puffy played the real role in this shooting, although Biggie knew about it. Puffy didn't order the shooting, he however, helped set up Tupac.


Some say Nas could of killed Tupac because him and his boys were in Las Vegas at the same time as Tupac.

Mobb Deep

This is from the B-side of the "Crime Pays"
"you tried to test my patients\ but I got somethin for ya\ i creeped on ya weakness\ then came to california\ my crew loadin nines\ screamin now it's past ya time\ on the border where we stood\ anxiously awaiting your ritious crooks\ H slammed the door on the caddy\ blaze the blunt & load the daddy\ drove past ya fuckin sign\ what was yours suddenly became mine\ shattered the window with the nine\ killin bitches is a must, not a crime"


I heard that Puffy hired the Crips to kill Tupac and that Puffy use to pay the Crips for security during concerts and when they went to California.


It all started about three months before the shooting in a Southern California mall, just near Long Beach. Three members of The Mob Piru Bloods (Most of Death Row Records is allegedly maintained and ran by the Mob Piru Bloods aka M.O.B., including the infamous and shady CEO Suge Knight.), went into a Foot Locker to purchase some shoes. One of the blood gang member's allegedly worked for Death Row Records and was wearing the infamous diamond cut medallion (worn by Death Row staff and artists). Just after leaving Foot Locker, they headed back to their 1996 Lexus, about 8-10 rival Southside Crips rushed the three blood gang member's and one of the crips manage to get the Death Row medallion. The person who stole it was allegedly Orlando "Baby Lando" Anderson. Now this is the blossoming of Tupac's early demise. Three months later we enter The MGM Grand and Tupac is with his Death Row entourage among many is the same Mob Piru Blood that was jumped by the Southside Crips in Lakewood, California. He [the blood] spot's Orlando Anderson and Tupac heads over to start what appears to be a royal ass beating on one Anderson. (See rare footage from the MGM Grand security video.) After Tupac's entourage beats Anderson repeatedly, they make their way out before the police show. Anderson gets up and talks to the police, then leaves and allegedly joins his entourage of Southside Crips as they look for Tupac. It wouldn't be hard to find Mr. Shakur on that night because he was going to Suge Knight's Club 662 (Which spells out M.O.B. on a telephone pad). The rest is only self-explanatory. A couple weeks after Tupac's murder, Metro Police arrested Orlando Anderson. Anderson's family released a statement denying he is connected to Shakur's killing in Las Vegas.

Suge Knight

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